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Rudraksha is a seed covered with pulp and green skin which turns a blue black in time after plucked from the tree. Rudraksha beads are generally round in shape, up to one inch in diameter, and can have from one face Rudraksha to twenty-one faces Rudraksha, like facets of a cut gem.The Rudraksha bead tree is considered the tear drop that fell from Lord Shiva. Rudraksha (seeds) are found that are grown together in various formations. Each seed has a naturally occurring hole in the center from the fruit itself. It is also believed that wearing the rudraksha distracts the evil eye, it brings luck.

Types of Rudraksha beads                                                   Rudraksha      SAI-AS-LORD-SIVA
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‘The genesis of Siva mahapuran:’

India is a country gifted with beauty of nature in abundance, full of green fields. And Chirping sound of birds and rhythmic sounds of the flowing waters from sacred rivers. ‘Prayag’ is one such place, located on the banks of holy Ganges. Prayag is of sacred importance to Hindus as the river Ganga originated from the Lotus feet of the Lord Sri Maha Vishnu. Waters of the river Ganga and Yamuna unite with each other and continue further as a single stream from Prayag.

Many years ago, Saunaka mahamuni and his sishyas performed Mahasatra yaga in Prayag. Large number of Saints, Maharshis, and Tapasvis turned up to witness the great event of the time. Sutha mahamuni along with his sishyas also graced the occasion.

Suthamahamuni was the son of Roma harsha and He was a trusted sishya of Vedavyas. Very soon Sutha mahamuni commanded respect from all quarters for the expertise he had gained on variety of subjects. He was highly knowledgeable in every field of study. All maharshis felt happy to notice that Sutha mahamuni was also coming to attend the Mahasatra yaga and were waiting eagerly to welcome him. The eminent people gathered there praised Sutha mahamuni for the wisdom possessed by him.

Naturally, the gathering expressed a desire that he should address them with something new and important, so that they shall be blessed on an eventful occasion like Mahasatra yaga. All sections of people unanimously wanted him to speak on a topic that would be of interest to everyone in daily life as well as grant peace, create harmony and help in their spiritual growth.

Sutha mahamuni said that He would talk on the subject that would eradicate all evils, besides freeing one from sins and worldly affairs. He said “Siva mahapuran would grant wisdom and enhance one’s faith in God while appreciating God’s own creation. It will also remove the Ajnana from the roots and kindle the lights of wisdom and help in understanding God and His deeds”.

“Siva mahapuran” as it is named will be totally different from what you might have listened in the past. Those who engage in regular reading of Siva maha puran will become enlightened souls. Those who listen at least once will be rid of all evils. Those who undertake fasting on Chaturdasi day and deliver discourse on Siva maha puranam to a gathering of devotees shall command respect from all.

‘Then Gurugita:’

Gurugita is the subject which deals broadly on the virtues to be possessed by a Guru and also his duties towards society. Gurgita is a part of Skanda puranam. It is also known as ‘Sanatkumara Samhitha’. Gurugita is an outcome of conversation between Parvathi and Parameswar. Sanatkumara Samhitha is divided into three chapters and consists of Three hundred and fifty one beautiful slokas. It is like a lamp guiding those in search of God. One can derive true pleasure and happiness in his devotion to Guru.

Follow the path as shown by the Guru. Let us try to come out of the Maya-encircling us, and work towards self realisation.


Om Sri Ganeshayanamaha, Om Sri Saraswathyainamaha, Om Sri Samardha Sadhguru Sainadhayanamaha

Baba in the 15th chapter of Sai Satcharitaha said that He is the servant of His devotees and that HE can be found in everybody’s hearts. Before proceeding to the actual topic, I request you to accept my pranaams as Saibanisa.

In the year 1992, Sai granted darshan to me in a dream in the form of my favourite deity Lord Siva. Later I visited Shirdi and sighted a similar photograph as seen in my dream, which I purchased from a shop to keep it as a memento. As I was reading the holy book of Siva maha puran, I could feel Sai as Lord Siva at every step. When I was reading Gurugita Sai appeared to me as my Sadhguru.

Today’s discourse is therefore centred on my aim to project similarities between Siva mahapuran, Gurugita and Sri Sai Satcharita.

Suthamahamuni narrated the Siva mahapuran to the gathering of Munis and Tapaswis. On the other hand, Hemadripanth with the blessings of Sainath had gifted Sai Satcharita to Sai devotees.

Siva mahapuran contains seven important Samhithas namely: Vidhyeshwara, Rudra, Satharudra, Kotirudra, Uma, Kailasa and Vayaniya Samhithaa, whereas Sri Sai Satcharita, has fifty one chapters. Gurugita is a part of Skandapurana and also known as Sanatkumara Samhitha. The three hundred and fifty one slokas in Gurugita speak about the greatness of Guru. I could find all those great qualities in Sri Shiridi Sai Baba.

In Vidhyeshwara Samhitha of Siva mahapurana, Lord Siva said, “There is no difference between me and my Sivalinga, or between Linga and my Murti. Follow the ritual of praying my Linga. Where ever Linga is installed and worshiped on a regular basis, I shall always be present there”.

In chapter- 41 of Sri Sai Satcharita, Shirdi Sai Baba said,” There is no difference between me and my photograph.”

Baba’s statue was installed in Samadhi mandir after Baba attained Mahasamadhi. Let us remember that there is no difference between Sai and His statue. Sai in an invisible form entered Megha’s bedroom and sprinkled turmeric rice and advised him to draw the symbol of Trishul. Next day a Sivalinga was installed in Gurusthan. Probably that could be the reason behind installation of Nandi facing Sai in every Sai temple.

In Rudrasmhitha, Brahma said to Naradha-“Siva is present within you, inside me and in everybody’s hearts without exception”. Those who believe that entire universe is made out of Siva will certainly be blessed.

In the chapter- 15 of Sri Sai Satcharita, Baba said,” I am always present in your heart, as well as in everybody’s hearts. Do worship me”.

In Vidhyeshwara Samhitha of Siva mahapurana, the importance of Bilwa tree is mentioned. Bilwa tree is symbolic of Lord Siva himself. It is said that those who worship Lord Siva with leaves of Bilwa, flowers and sandalwood paste would be blessed with a son. Those who light lamps around the tree will be enriched with knowledge about Lord Siva.

Wealth comes to a person worshiping Lord Siva under the shade of Bilwa tree, and there after offer a sweet dish made out of rice and Ghee to any other devotee of Lord Siva

In the chapter-28 of Sri Sai Satcharita, Megha, on the day of Makara Sankranti, treated Sai as his Lord Siva, and placed leaves of Bilwa tree on Baba’s head .He offered him bath with the water he carried all the way from the river Godavari and in the process could win the heart of Sainath.

In Rudrasamhitha of Siva mahapuran, the importance of feeding the poor is highlighted. Merits and demerits of individuals need not be considered while serving food.

It is well known fact that life is sustained by food and those who engage in offering food are indirectly giving a new lease of life to the needy. There is no charity greater than offering food to the hungry ones.

In the chapter- 38 of Sri Sai Satcharita, the importance of food was mentioned. Baba used to prepare food with his own hands in two big vessels and served others.

Baba in his own words said,” At the noon hour, serve food to anybody coming to your doorstep. Food is considered as Para Brahma swaroopam”, i.e. the source of all energies”.Baba used to prepare different dishes like Pulav, Sweet rice and at times Soup made out of flour and butter milk for Annadaan.

We can further know the importance and qualities of Guru from Gurugita.

In the 24th sloka of Gurugita ----------------------

Param Siva said to Parvathi-“Oh dear, a Sadhak observing all rituals like Japa, Tapa, Vrata, Yagna, and Dhana all turn out to be useless without understanding Guru and his teachings properly.

Therefore we should understand our Guru very well before beginning any rituals so as to derive the full benefits.

The same message was conveyed by Shirdi Sai Baba in the chapter -32 of Sri Sai Satcharita. He said, “Bookish knowledge is of no use. We should fully discharge all our responsibilities. Treat Guru as God and place your heart and soul at the feet of the Guru”. To get such a belief one must have firm faith in his Guru.

In the 29th sloka of Gurugitha--------------------, The Sishya who drinks padha theertha of Guru and sprinkles on his head shall reap the benefit equivalent to that of a holy dip in the sacred rivers of Ganga and Yamuna.

Dasgunu maharaj in the chapter- 4 of Sri Sai Satcharita had sought Baba’s permission to go to Prayag and have a dip in the sacred rivers of Ganga and Yamuna.

Baba said,” There is no necessity to go there, Our Prayag is very much here. Believe me”.Dasagunu placed his head at the lotus feet of Sainath. Immediately, two streams of water were seen gushing out of the two toes of Baba. Dasagunu sprinkled the water on his head, however later felt sorry for not taking as Baba’s padhatheertha.

Let us go to the 32nd sloka of Gurugita--------------------------

Take Gurpadodakam as theertha, install the image of Guru in your heart, eat the left over of Guru and always indulge in chanting the name of Guru.

Same message is conveyed in Sri Sai Satcharita. Many devotees washed the feet of Sainath and consumed it as Baba’s padhatheertha.They used to massage the feet of Sai and always uttered his name. They used to take food after Baba had taken a part of the food they brought for him. Especially Radhakrishnamayi took food from whatever is left over by Baba.

It is mentioned in Gurugita that chanting the name of Guru is as good as chanting the name of the Lord Siva, who is Ajaya--, which means one who does not have defeat.

In the chapter-4 of Sri Sai Satcharita, Radhakrishnamayi started Sainamajapa and Sainama Sankeerthana.Sai approved their activities. Sai made Dasgunumaha raj to perform Akhanda Sainama Sapthah.

Let us listen to 37th Sloka from Gurugita-------------------

Where ever Guru resides will be the holy place of Kashi. Guru’s padodakam is the same as Gangajal. Gurudev himself is the Parameswar. Guru’s teachings are the same as the Omkara, taught by Parameswar.

In the chapter- 4, of Sri Sai Satcharita, Hemadripanth said, “Godavari and Krishna are very sacred rivers. Many great saints have taken birth here. Shiridi is in the proximity of the river Godavari. Sainath made his presence in Shiridi and made it a sacred place. To Sai devotees, Shiridi is like Pandaripur, Jagannath, Dwaraka, Kashi, Rameshwar, Badrinath, Kedarnath, Thraymbkeshawar, Ujjaini, Mahabaleshwar, and Gokarnam. The touch of Baba is like the effect of Vedhaparayan. Sri Sai’s darshan is like achieving ‘Yogasadhana’. We achieve the same results as that derived from the bathing in Triveni sangam. The holy Padodhakam removes the materialistic desires from us. His word to us is like an order from the almighty. He is our Parabrahma Swaroopa. He is sat-chit-anand. In the eyes of Meghashyam, Baba was Parameswar”.

In the 38th Sloka of Gurugita, ---------------------------, Where ever Guru’s service is undertaken, that place is as sacred as Gaya. Gurudev’s lotus feet are the same as the feet of the Lord Vishnu. The heart and soul offered at the Lord’s feet attain Brahma Swaroopa.

The same essence is conveyed in the chapter- 46 of Sri Sai Satcharita. Shyama was an ardent devotee of Baba. He served Baba in Dwarakamayi. He wanted to go to Gaya and asked for Baba’s permission. Baba sent him as his representative for attending thread ceremony of Kaka sahib Dikshit’s son at Nagpur and marriage of eldest son of Nana saheb Chandorkar in Gwalior. Shyama was then to proceed to Kashi, Prayag and Gaya for his pilgrimage. Baba said-

“By the time you complete your journey to Kashi and Prayag, I shall meet you in Gaya”. Indirectly Baba wanted to say that Dwarakamayi is Gaya for Sai devotees.

Shyama performed Guruseva in Dwarakamayi. So Baba appeared to Shyama in the form of His photograph in Gaya .Baba thus conveyed that Shyama had the dual benefit of seeing Baba in Gaya and Dwarakamayi.

Baba demonstrated to Dasgunu maharaj that his feet are Lord Vishnu’s feet by bringing the holy rivers of Ganga and Yamuna to Dwarakamayi itself. Thus devotees who surrendered totally to the feet of Sainath were experiencing Para-Brahma in Sai.

In the 39th sloka of Gurugita------------------------------- ,

Always visualise and chant the name of Guru .Obey the orders of Gurudev. Never aspire for anything other than Guru’s grace.

In Sai Satcharita, one such person who put this into practice is Kaka Sahib Dikshit. In the chapter-23 of Sri Sai Satcharita, Baba wanted to test him for devotion towards Guru. He called Kaka and asked him to kill the goat. Kaka said-“Your sweet words are like an order. We do not know any other rule. We always remember you. We shall ever be ready to implement your orders by day and night. We do not know whether it is right or wrong, nor would be interested to know. We shall not enter into any dispute. Our duty is to implement the Guru’s order in total.

In 50th, 51st, and 52nd slokas of Gurugita, --------------------------- ,

In order to win the grace of the Guru, one must offer him a seat, a suitable place to sleep, clothes and jewellery. He must worship Guru by deeds, by heart and by words. Devotee should utilise his full resources like men, material, and wealth in service of Guru.

We can come across the same message in the chapters 6 and 10 of Sri Sai Satcharita. Devotees have given Baba a seat for sitting in Dwarkamayi, a wooden plank to sleep, and a kafni to wear. They made him to wear ornaments during Sej-Aarti. Megha shyam stood on one leg and sang Aarti to Baba.

Balaji patil Nevaskar offered a part of his crop from his fields to Baba every year, besides other humanly services as required from time to time. All the family members of Nevaskar joined him in serving Baba. Baba appreciated their services and presented money and clothes to the entire family of Nevaskar.

When complete darkness surrounds our life, one should bow down to a Guru who alone can only open our eyes to kindle the lights of wisdom.

In the chapter 18 and 19 of Sri Sai Satcharita, Baba encouraged following the right path by self decision. Hemadripanth before retiring to bed on a Wednesday decided –

“Tomorrow being Thursday and an auspicious one, I should spend the time doing Ramanama Sankirtan”. Sai was very noble and kind hearted towards his devotees. On Thursday early morning hours, a beautiful song was heard by some one singing near Dwarakamayi –“Gurukripanjan payo mere bhai”.

It means that I am blessed to receive the Guru’s grace and my eyes are opened up. I am able to see Lord Sri Rama in all states of my mind”.

In this way Baba opened up the inner vision of Hemadripanth for real enlightenment of body and soul. Let us all bow down before our Lord Sainath.

Let us listen Slokas 80 and 81 of Gurugita----------------------------,

Only Guru can help us tide over the difficulties. We should bow down before him with full respect. Guru himself is an embodiment of the world.

In chapter -33 of Sri Sai Satcharita, Nana saheb Chandorkar’s daughter Mainatayi was suffering from labour pains. Baba accompanied Bapugir bua in role of a Tongawala. He sent udhi from Dwarakamayi through Bapugir bua to Nana saheb Chandorkar and saved her.

Again in the chapter- 7 of Sri Sai Satcharita, on the day of Diwali, Baba put his hand into the burning fire of dhuni in Dwarakamayi and saved the child of a blacksmith who had accidentally fallen into fire from mother’s lap. We thus conclude the presence of guru everywhere.

Let us listen to Sloka -113 of Gurugita ----------------------,

We should bow down before a Sampoorna Guru. A Sampoorna Guru is the one who always wears white clothes and decorated with flowers and sandal wood paste. He should be wise, wear a pearl necklace, look cheerful in appearance, and possess attractive eyes. He should sit on His left thigh like Lord Siva, full of compassion and a gentle smile on the face.

We can come across this message in the chapter -22 of Sri Sai Satcharita. Let us see how. Baba is seated on the granite stone. What a pleasant sight it is. His right leg is resting on the left leg’s knee. Throughout his life Baba always wore white Kafini. Mahelsapathi applied Sandalwood paste to his neck. When people chanted Sej- Arati in Chavadi, devotees put pearl necklace around his neck. Let us all recollect those beautiful things and enjoy to our heart’s contentment imagining the Guru’s divya swaroopa.

In the sloka-174 of Gurugita----------------------------- Brahmajnani is a noble soul living all alone, unmindful of the surroundings, peace loving, free from all sorrows, avarice, possessing a shining face resembling that of an innocent child .

We can come across the same verdict in chapter- 4 of Sri Sai Satcharita. Baba first appeared as young boy of Sixteen years under the Neem tree in the year 1854. Externally he gave an impression of a Brahmajnani. He never aspired for anything worldly even in dreams.

In the Sloka -179 of Gurugita- ---------------------------Those who walk on the path shown by Guru are sure to attain salvation. All those who desire to work for self realisation must have devotion towards their Guru.

The same message is conveyed in the chapter- 31 of Sri Sai Satcharita. The people who attained Moksha in Sai’s darbar are Vijayanad, Balaram Mankar, Sub-Judge of Pandaripur-Tatya saheb Noolkar, and Meghashyam. Let us also follow the footsteps shown by our Sadhguru and work towards achieving something worthy in this life.

Jai Sairam






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Rudraksha astrological use of Rudraksha
 1 Ketu nine mukhi

2 venus fiften face rudraksha
 3 sun one face, 12 face, 11 face rudraksh beads
 4 Moom two face,11 mukhi
 5 Rahu eighte face Rudraksh
 6 jupiter 14 face,5 five face Rudraksha
 7 saturn seven face,8 face
 8 Mars Three mukhi
 9 mercury 11 face

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