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Rudraksha is a seed ( fruit) covered with pulp and green skin which turns a blue black in time after plucked from the tree. Rudraksha beads are generally round in shape, up to one inch in diameter, and can have from one face Rudraksha to twenty-one faces Rudraksha, like facets of a cut gem.The Rudraksha bead tree is considered the tear drop that fell from Lord Shiva., Rudraksha (seeds) are found that are grown together in various formations. Each seed has a naturally occurring hole in the center from the fruit itself. It is also believed that wearing the rudraksha distracts the evil eye, it brings luck.

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             8 face rudraksha       9 face rudraksha      10  face rudraksha      11 face rudraksha      12 face rudraksha      13 face rudraksha    14 face rudraksha
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    Rudraksh Mumbai Rudraksh beads in Mumbai,

Rudraksha trees have large evergreen broad leaves which grows in the area from the Gangetic Plain to the foothills of Himalayas.

Rudraksha fruit from Rudraksh, Rudraksha beads ,  Botanically  known as Elaeocarpus Ganitrus Roxb are the seeds of the trees .  Rudraksha trees are found mainly in South Eastern Asian Islands of Java , Sumatra , Borneo , Bali , Iriyan Jaya , Timor of what is Known as modern day Indonesia and parts of South Asian Kingdom of Nepal , Around 70% of the Rudraksha trees are found in Indonesia 25% from Nepal and 5% in India . There are clefts on the surface of the beads a nd they are called fac ets .

Rudraksha trees also seen growing in india other parts of the world, but in very few numbers.                                                       

Rudraksha trees are also found in middle areas of Nepal and one or 2 treas is theary in fom houes in Rudraksha mumbai.


There are much confusion about Rudraksh Indonesia in a lot and then in Nepal, Africa, Malasia, Bhutan and in India (Assam, valleys and South India).

It is not true that only the Rudraksha of N or fcood. Some thinks that because of Rudrak Shiva and Lord Shiva (Pashupati Nath) is ir Rudrakshas of Nepal is good. But this is not tr land is divided in limits by man not by nature Rudraksha  influence and importa of Nepal are of big size and the beads of Ir small size.
Its covering is hard and peeling the co\ process. After polishing it comes in market.

  1. Laboratory Test It is a costly pj useless if the piece becomes a failure.

Faith on Shopkeeper or others I ness of today we have no time for a dee; everything and so we have to believe on ot Aslomal Kanhiyalal
ie different forms such as Shivling, Trishul, Snake etc a much cleir and sharp in artificial. As the fingerprints a always diferent iin two cases same the threads are not sam in two diferent Rtudrakshas.

(D) 1 to i 21 faced and 1 faced and Gauri Shankai Rudrakshas are aiilways costly. Drop the piece in boiling water for minute and after one minute keep a lid on the pot for   Then see the piece carefully cial will break and solution is also visible   Will be same but if they have any breakage then will break more.

The cheats make the threads more or less so cleverly that it is very difficult to identify. The red golia plum coloured and polished are sold as Rudraksha mostly.
The smaller pieces are costly in same threads. 5 faced is not costly than other faced. The Rudrakshas of Nepal are costlier than of other places. 1 faced Rudrakshas of Nepal is very much costly. The 1 faced Rudrakshas of other places are semi-moon shaped mostly but the Nepal's Rudrakshas are round. Sometimes 2 faced or 3 faced Rudrakshas occurs a shape of 1 faced . This type of Rudraksha if seen from top there are two Of three cuts but infact this is 1 faced Rudraksha.
There are two qualities of Rudraksha, one is rough and ey are cheap. The second quality is super and called Pathari, ey are hard and smooth and are very much costly. If any udraksha is not in use (as in wearing or worship etc.) then should be put or dropped in oil otherwise it breaks naturally Iso.
It is a misunderstanding in general that original Rudrakshas )unds between two things. The second is that the original inks in water. Infact the fully ripe piece will sink in water.  

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